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Labor Law: Employer And Employee

The United States Department of Labor provides laws to govern both employers and employees so that no one receives unfair or unlawful treatment. Everyone must abide and follow the same rules and regulations or they may face fines and lawsuits. Below are some of the guidelines that everyone must follow if they are hiring people to work for them, and if you’re being hired.

1. The job site must be safe and free from hazards. The employer must follow specific inspection rules and regulations. They must undergo and follow the rules of OSHA and keep the area free from danger. If an employee fails to follow these rules set by the employer, they may receive a reprimand or they may receive termination.

2. Equal Opportunity Employment means the employer must interview and hire individuals that are qualified for the job. The employer must hire a candidate no matter the race or religion of the individual. National origin may also become an issue if the employer overlooks someone that is of a different origin but is qualified to work. Employers must not speak out about the differences in religion, race, or origin of new hires.

3. Explanatory posters must be in a place where every employee can see them. These posters will explain their rights according to minimum wage, working overtime and their rights if they are disabled or a veteran.

4. Seasonal workers and migrant workers must provide green cards or documentation showing their rights to be working in the United States.

Many times people may become injured on the job and the employer does not carry worker’s compensation insurance. This is against the law and will usually end up in a lawsuit if the employee chooses to pursue that route. People working in construction and other jobs, where they are independent contractors, must carry their own insurance. The employer can not ask these people to fill in for regular employees of the company. Contractors are required to have their own Identification and tax number.

If a new employee is hired they must go through an orientation process to the company and job. They will learn what to do and what not to do. They will learn the regulations of the company. Each employee will have their own access to worker’s handbooks. Spelled out in these handbooks will be the policies and procedures for injuries and other mishaps or concerns. Employees will know where to find first aid and safety equipment to safely perform their position. Eye wash stations and other safety areas will save the company from unnecessary hardships and lawsuits. The laws and posters are available to protect employee and employer both.

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